Ministry Staff

Pastor Michael Sullivant

Pastor Michael Sullivant, is the founding and senior pastor of the Pembina Valley Baptist Church. He, along with his wife Brenda, have been faithfully serving the Lord at Pembina Valley Baptist Church since its inception on December 11, 1988.

Pastor Sullivant has assisted in the starting of 11 churches, but the need to train young men became a great concern to him in 1995, when he and the members of Pembina Valley Baptist Church determined to start Canadian Baptist Bible College. God has greatly blessed.


His burden for reaching the lost and the need of a local church-based missions ministry, resulted in the starting of CanAmera Baptist Missions International. For each of these ministries and each program, the foundation has always been the Word of God.


All of these ministries and any future ministries hinge on the Word of God as the Cornerstone. If the Great Commission is going to be accomplished, it will be accomplished through the Word of God.

Brent & Shelley Marowelli Missionary Representative

Brent and Shelley Marowelli both attended Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for three years under the leadership of Dr. Lee Roberson and then transferred and graduated from FaithWay Baptist College in Ypsilanti, Michigan, under the leadership of Dr. James Phillips. They have served 25 years in full-time pastoral ministry––5 years as a youth pastor and 20 years as a senior pastor before God moved them to ministry with FirstBible International. 


The main thrust of their ministry is to travel to as many local churches as possible and to make them aware of those yet unreached people groups, and enlist their prayer and financial support to translate and publish Bibles for those who have never had a Bible in their language, train nationals, and plant churches in those areas where there are none.